Vivo has release Xplay 3S, the first 2k screen smartphone in the world

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The first 2560×1440 screen resolution has born from Vivo, through the Vivo Xplay3S, Vivo has offcially release those phone on Water Cube in Beijing on 18 December.
This phone is now available For those who love movies, especially those who are high-definition movies, VIVO Xplay series has always been a good choice, because it is done carefully and the ultimate in audio and video, the upgrade Xplay 3S more audio-visual aspects of this skill has been a significant upgrade, for mobile audio and video enthusiasts, it should be difficult to have more than the enjoyment of this product, and this enjoyment is carefully from two aspects: the screen and the sound.

Screen, vivo Xplay3S currently playing in the highest of all consumer electronics clear screen, which is the first 6 inches 2560 × 1440 resolution screen, and packas with up to 490 ppi, is worthy of the world’s most clear screen, and even called “IMAX theater” phone, compared to the previous generation XPLAY 387PPI is to enhance the resolution of up to 4 times.
On this basis, vivo Xplay3S with the most advanced image processing technology, which is a butterfly-line technology can enhance the texture and detail color images, the overall performance is 1.5 times the previous generation, especially in image processing, to reach the current limit of vision.

At the same time, the audio side Vivo Xplay3S also go further cooperation with DTS, DTS Headphone X equipped theater sound field systems, on-site audition link, the most obvious is the strong sense of presence and surround, particularly suitable for appreciation scenes of war or action movies.

At the same time, vivo proudest aspects of audio experience, this time did not let you down, vivo Xplay3S the DAC equipped with the world’s most powerful decoder chip ES9018, signal to noise ratio reaches 127dB, if the lateral comparison, before Xplay SNR is 104dB, X3 is 106 dB, while vivo Xplay3S is 112 dB, enhancing the effect is very obvious. In addition, vivo Xplay3S driving force thorough upgrade, general professional player resistance is 600Ω, and resistance vivo Xplay3S limit driving ability staggering 1300Ω, said that 93 percent of the market headphones are able to push the powerful ability to be seen, but can also According to the adaptive matched headset.

The sound quality has been greatly improved over the previous generation of products

Many people may ask, equipped with ultra-high-definition screen 2K level, the phone is actually a 6 inch. What is the significance? 2560 x 1440 resolution videos even on the Internet are rare, let alone large-capacity audio and video files, the transfer itself would be a problem, then vivo how to accept this challenge?

On the one hand is to provide online resources, at the conference site, Vivo joint Thunder look to create “super theater”, the “super-cinema” contains 200 DTS-HD movies, 600 exclusive Blu-ray, 400 1080P movie, 1000 Department more than 720P movie, and also the year the Thunder look VIP Get a free member. Another 2K screen should be met with DTS audio, and carry high-definition online video the way, is the latest 4G network, vivo Xplay 3S equipped with dual 4G LTE chip, with five 14-frequency mode, the theoretical speeds of up to 100MB / S, if Figuratively, then download 2GB 1080P movies as long as seven minutes, if you do not calculate the tariff price, it is indeed the speed to meet the demand for online video.

On the other hand, vivo Xplay3S support OTG function, you can add U disk or mobile hard disk, watch the film in the machine directly stored in an external media source, and to some extent also got to make 2K screen play. However, somewhat unfortunately, in order to have a better 4G signal Vivo Xplay3S not equipped with the USB 3.0 interface, cable transmission, if it is, then the speed of 2K sources may be slower.

In addition to audio and video experience, the camera is a spectacle, to be honest, at this moment of extreme flooding pixel era, like F1.8 large aperture closed loop 13 megapixel cameras, as well as 5 megapixel front-facing camera with wide-angle lens, have become accustomed to Of course the performance of our capacity in this area is no doubt, really interesting to us is the “Voice Self beauty” function, after taking pictures, just in front of the phone say “whitening”, “red eye edit” and other highly provocative discourse, the phone will be able to help you immediately realize, all without hands, for many the beauty of the girls, rather than hands can perform complex facial features, PS will be more photos to the limit.

In carrying software features, the most interesting is the “real life navigation” function, this feature is not new for us, on some international brands of mobile phones, there have been, you can navigate the real scene Even if it does not look at the map completely unrelated, but also the ability of users rating, promotions and other functions at the same time, also introduced special seats VIVO High German navigation services, is “rather than hands,” the enjoyment, just say want to go, you can plan a route, if car “OnStar” The general feeling experience.

Finally, in terms of price, 32GB version is priced at 3,498 yuan ($576 USD), with this configuration, it is also fairly affordable, after all, the first 2K screen and is equipped with many great features of the product, coupled with the all-metal thin body, Such a lack of 4G mobile phone price 3500 yuan, we believe that the newly-listed domestic 4G products, it’s very competitive price.

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