Hands-on of ViVo Xplay 3S: The naked eye cannot distinguish the screen

by Rosgani 0


Vivo Xplay 3S has officially release on 18 December. The conference has been held for more than three our in Beijing Water Cube. The phone is becoming got more attention since this phone is the first smartphone with 2K screen in the world.

The Vivo Xplay 3S is packs with 6 inch screen size with 2560 x1440 pixel screen resolution. This is the highest smartphone pixel in the world, this very impressive. The naked eye cannot see the difference with FHD.
The actual part of the real experience I have found that level of detail of 2K resolution Xplay 3S screen really amazing, but after and Xplay compared, I find that it’s more of a gap between the two figures rather than stay in the sensory , the words seemed phone screen FHD has reached a critical point, under the naked eye is difficult to separate the difference between the two, because the are too delicate. You know, 2K-level screen, Apple uses in the 13-inch MBP on, have people feel very amazing, not to mention a 6-inch phone?
Prior to always have a feeling that the domestic large-screen mobile phone products are particularly heavy, prolonged use either the wrist or trouser pocket, there will be no pressure. Fortunately Xplay 3S successful weight loss, the parameters given in the official show the whole weight of 172 grams, although only lighter than the theoretical weight Xplay of 15 grams, but actually hand a lot of really good experience.
Before either Xplay or Xplay X3, will be integrated into the design of the back of the metal elements, but the use of the integrated 3S back shell design is the use of a class of plastic skin, personal feel to the touch compared to the previous two overall mobile phones have improved, while removing the metal back also helps to reduce the weight of the phone.
Xplay 3S using screen uses the same narrow frame design, which in the current flagship phone is almost standard, the narrow border can make the screen appear larger vision. And in the details before I actually found Xplay 3S USB 3.0 interface is chosen, but at the press conference, vivo renounced 3.0 continue to use 2.0 interface, and experience the local scene following interface has also been sealed. This will result in a very real problem, field testing machine inside a two and a half minutes of 2K resolution video capacity up 900MB +, and the general level of compression 1080P movie a capacity of about 10GB, the actual transmission rate according to the current USB 2.0 ( PC transmission to mobile phones 12-15MB / s) for conversion, a 10GB movie to be about 12 minutes into the phone, if it is 2K level, this time will be longer.
Another noteworthy point is that the fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition Xplay 3S equipped phones in the back, the same capacitive fingerprint recognition module, designed on similar ThinkPad fingerprint recognition, when using the fingers need to slide down from the. In actual experience, fingerprint recognition success rate is quite high, I tested five times, five times were successfully identify, after all, this is already a mature technology, virtually no threshold. Of course Xplay 3S not like iPhone 5S as directly by touch recognition, many users will still cause some problems, after all, the phone too, not all of the user’s hand in the hand of the same type of premise can easily enough to fingerprint recognition module .
And similar fingerprinting HTC One Max on, vivo Xplay 3S fingerprint identification is mainly used to encrypt mobile application and document management , also need to operate in the state lit screen. And HTC One max only thing different is the fingerprint on 3S added touch functionality, the unlocked sliding unlock flip module can achieve similar results. However, the current position of the fingerprint security function is limited to the class, other features should be improved, Mr. vivo CMO Feng Lei told Tencent Digital also said that when the interview will be one of the future vivo fingerprint key R & D projects will be given fingerprint identification more vitality.
Vivo Xplay 3S is a support China Mobile’s 4G mobile phone network, after all, China Mobile has entered the 4G model, as the flagship phone 3S, plus holds no 4G network organization is not the point I’m sorry? Phone itself uses a 5-frequency mode baseband chip 14, official data showed this phone gives vivo theoretically support GSM, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE, but this phone is unclear when the retail version listed , is not it will shield the domestic network signal W to ensure TD interests.

If you carefully read the entire conference is not difficult to find a friend, vivo in the conference does not mention an argument that the phone battery . And after the interview, Mr. Lei Feng CMO also a positive answer to this question, he said that in order to take care of the thickness of the phone, 3S battery capacity of 3200 mAh dropped compared Xplay less than 200 mA, but the new The power management system has better improvement compared to the previous, 3S day of normal use is no problem. Of course, I will give a battery problem after detailed evaluation data, 2K resolution screen how fast the battery consumption, we will also be announced in the future for your evaluation.

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