MediaTek release their first multimode Wireless charging adapter

by Rosgani 0

MTK Wireless Charging

MediaTek has available in CES 2014, and now they also showing their new  multi-mode receiver technology for wireless charging inductor and resonant.

MediaTek said, compared to traditional inductive charger, resonant charge has a “huge advantage.” For example, it allows you to place the device anywhere in the vicinity of the charging station, or even in another room, without having to identify a certain point. It is also capable of many different types of devices for charging and power consumption, only a single charge coil.

If you are already inductance charger pioneer, but also do not have to worry invention MediaTek supports both existing and future resonant inductor charger charger.

In addition to greater convenience for users outside the advanced nature of the technology may also facilitate the promotion of wireless charging. We all know that because of the competition between various charging standard, wireless charging development has been relatively slow.

IHS analyst Ryan Sanderson said wireless charger in 2013 shipments of 20 million, while in 2018 this figure will grow to 700 million.

MediaTek whether technology will become the new standard for wireless charging? Now it is too early to draw a conclusion. But from their propaganda point of view, there is indeed a possibility. If we are able to charge the device anytime, anywhere, without having to be subject to any constraints, then who would want to replace with a charger and battery do?