Huang Zhang is coming back to Meizu

by Rosgani 0


Meizu is now take a big move that preparing their products for global market, the founder Huang Zhang comeback after facing difficulties. Although Huang Zhang the fonder of Meizu actually never stopped making major affairs of Meizu intervention, Huang Zhang recently announced the return line back to the company to work.

The first is the attitude adjustment to external investment, from resistance to actively introduce past; second adjustment is to get rid of a single product-oriented approach to marketing, from neglect to attention.

Huang Zhang previously thought, VCs are opportunists, there is nothing to talk about, they tend to pursue short-term effect, which contrary to Meizu product positioning. All along, the Meizu is not like other vendors that invested heavily in marketing costs, that the most important task is in product development.

Blindly abandon the outside world into the capital, but also to the lack of capital for development Meizu rocket boosters; M8 and M9 in a big success, the competition is not intense, Meizu marketing strategy is too conservative, did not bring more brand awareness high level.

Excessive attention to detail for the product, but also to update iteration Meizu phone is too slow. Meizu enter the mobile phone market from 2007 to early 2012 nearly five years, a total of only launched three mobile phones, until the Meizu MX listed, multi-power already in the Chinese smartphone market killing became a Red Sea.

Never advertise, do not accept the media interview, do not focus on advocacy, yellow chapters Meizu seems too low-key, contrary to the modern market business thinking.

However, the fact that from the end of 2012 Meizu began strategic adjustments, MX Series product launches faster, Mo Green Day, vice president of marketing in the previous style Meizu also made some changes. By the end of 2013 Mo Green Day chose to leave Meizu, because on the market, and its emphasis on line, along with a way to force the store and open channels of dispute in the company. Previously, more emphasis Meizu stores operating under their own line.

Of course, the reforms have been doomed Meizu can not stop. Brought to the industry’s most accustomed contrast of millet , the large gap between the two has appeared on brand awareness and market share.

If millet early learning success is inseparable from Meizu, Meizu now adjust the yellow chapter also realized success millet mode.

But in general, the pattern of the smart phone market has become more stable, the adjustment Meizu some long overdue. In pursuing “but not fast breaking” the commercial era, Meizu’s “slow” put in their time of mystery, but also make it missed the best opportunity to expand the market.

The pursuit of self-centered yellow chapter, the future balance between individual will and the ability to request the investor after the introduction of foreign investment? How to build a new brand image while increasing marketing?

Although Meizu industrial design in the product still has certain advantages, but in a complex market environment, a broad target user groups faced Meizu, details of the experience seems to be insufficient to winning.

In other words, the price actually good, workmanship is exquisite somehow is not important, more important is the consumer’s mind, and the ability to provide users with personalization options, can provide a valuable spirit of a particular social class exports.

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