Kingsing T1 Maybe Is The Cheapest Phone With 8-cores Processor

by Shine Wong 0

Kingsing T1

There is more and more phones powered MTK MT6592 octa-core processor in China, Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo all joined the price war. Maybe you have never heard Kingsing brand so far, but they also give a fight to these factories via the weapon: Kingsing T1, the cheapest Android smartphone built-in MTK MT6592 8-cores processor.

Kingsing T1

Kingsing T1 looks like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , but a little smaller than the original. This handset own a 5-inch QHD screen, 960*540pixel display, along with 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM and 5MP rear camera. We can’t expect top-level hardware on a $169.99 product. We have got a sample from Kingsing factory, and here is hands-on video:

If you are interested in this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 mini style phone, please visit Kingsing official site: Kingsing

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