MediaTek MT6595 true octa-core II chipset is exposure

by Rosgani 0


MediaTek MT6595 is a new SoC chipset, this processor has A17 chipser, HMP, G6200, and other advanced features.
The MediaTek is already release their new products, and ready to compete with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. MediaTek has officially launch the MT6595 chipset, here is the detail about the new MT6595 octa-core II processor.

The MediaTek MT6595 series has another variant model, including MT6595 Turbo series that has highest frequency in their lineup which reached 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz, the regular MT6595 Standard version has 2.1GHz ~ 2.2GHz, while MT6595M is only has 2GHz ▼
Here is a detailed comparison between MT6595M and MT6595, yas you can see, there are many different things, especially GPU frequency of 600MHz dropped to 450MHz only.

With more than 2GHz frequency from Cortex-A17 kernel, MT6595’s CPU performance is almost similar with MT6592 SoC but the preformance of Cortex-A7 will be increased dramatically. And the MT6595 chipset series has been greatly improved, with 2X LPDDR3 933MHz memory specifications. ▼
In the above table we can see the MT6595 is uses PowerVR G6200 series GPU, which MT6595 has 600MHz frequency. We can also find some information on GFXBench website, that show good graphics performance ▼
MT6595-04The MT6595 is support for SGLTE. For your information, SGLTE is simultaneous GSM and LTE for short. LTE and GSM synchronization is supported under this technology, This processor will support 4G and 2G dual networks, the user can use 2G and and 4G in the same times. The benchmark test is showing the result from MediaTek that get 40,000 or more score points.

And the MediaTekk MT6595 does not has Sensor hub (similar to Apple’s M7), support MHL2.0, 1080P, 60fps output specifications.