Local flagship product expands overseas – OPPO Find 7 released in Indonesia

by Frank Tu 0

As China’s local smartphones grow more powerful and the smartphone market continuously expands, more and more of the country’s local smartphone manufacturers are expanding overseas. Last Friday, OPPO held a release event of the Find 7, which was released in China on 19 March previously, signaling their entry into the Indonesian market.

It has been reported that that release event of the Find 7 in Indonesia invited over 550 guests, which attract over 70 media crew to report the event. Furthermore, well-known Indonesian magician Debby was invited to grace the event for a magic performance, as well as share her experiences with magic.

In addition to having powerful specifications, the OPPO Find 7 also utilizes the unique VOOC flash charging function, which can charge up to three-quarters of the battery in half an hour, and a five-minute charge will guarantee two-hour’s worth of calling time. Additionally, the Find 7 is also the first phone to use Sony’s second-generation stackable 13 megapixel camera, which combined with the phone’s graphic processing program, can produce pictures as high as 50 megapixel.

It is reported that the Find 7 being released in Indonesia will also be sold in two versions, a standard version and a lite version. The prices of both versions are RP 6,999,000 and 5,999,000 respectively, equivalent to CNY$3,816 and CNY$3,270.

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