Unexpected news! The Amoi A955T will use a 6-core processor.

by Frank Tu 0

The mystery behind Amoi’s new phone has been revealed. The phone is called the Amoi A955T. The new model No. is AMOI A955T. Its use of a greater model number indicates that the new phone should be an important product for AMOI.

Online sources said that the A955T would use a 1.7GHz quad-core CPU processor. Some speculated that it would use MTK’s newest MT6588 quad-core processor. But as it turns out, from the little information given by Amoi themselves, the A955T will use a 6-core processor.

Described as “the world’s first six-core computer chip,” it should be no surprise that the CPU chip number will be MTK MT6591, although its specifications will be a bit different.The Amoi A955T’s six-core processor will use a main frequency of up to 1.7GHz (it was previously said to be 1.5GHz). In March, ZOPO said that the ZOPO Black 3 would also use a 6-core processor, so this have been upgraded from the 6591.

The A955T’s design is eye-catching. It has a 5.5” screen with 1080p resolution The full phone size is 149.2 x 74.2 x 8mm only. Unless the calculations are wrong, the Amoi A955T will be the smallest cell phone with a 5.5” display screen ever. It has 2GB RAM, a 2500mA battery and 8Mp camera.

Furthermore, no cell phone manufacturer would claim that they would produce a cell phone with a 6-core processor. AMOI A955T will probably be the first one with MT6591 in the Chinese market.