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The 5.99mm NEO M1 to be released immediately after May Day, price is revealed

by Frank Tu 4

A lot of fuss has been made about the NEO M1 both in China and abroad. Everyone is excited about this 5.99 smart phone. The writer discovered that NEO Mobile’s official website has already listed the M1’s price as 999 RMB (159.63 USD)! A lot of reservations have already been made. The phone will immediately enter the market as soon as May Day ends. 1-140429104S0414


Photo 01: The NEO M1, the sexiest cell phone in the world!



Photo 02: The NEO M1 disassembled

After interviewing more than 10,000 cell phone subscribers, NEO began to work on its new phone. The M1 uses a 2000mAh battery that cannot be detached from the phone. With such a big battery, the size of the phone could still be 5.99mm. Look at the photos to see how well-made the NEO M1 is.



Photo 03: The NEO M1 Phone’s touch screen

What do you all think? For more information on the NEO M1, go to NEO’s official website.

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  • jan

    I’m disappointed. Tried to order several times for many hours on April 25’th, but the website was continuously down. “NEO M1 First 500 Units Sold Out In 3 Minutes”? Very suspicious statement. And yes, the phone is heavily overpriced – Umi X1Pro goes for $129 and other phones with similar specs on MTK6582 are even cheaper.

    • RememberMe

      I find that totally believable. WWDC tickets from Apple usually go out in dozens of seconds. And I live in Canada, where every phone is overpriced T_T

  • Edison Dairo

    careful with this company.. they still haven’t shipped any phones from
    the “50%” promotion, and neither for the full price orders. they don’t reply to any messages so i had to open a paypal claim…

    • Thanks for your feedback, you got our special coupon sponsored by, they will send you the coupon to your email.