The new Changhong Dongliwang S3 is released!

by Frank Tu 0

Last year, HONphone Changhong Mobile reclassified its flagship products. Its Dongliwang series is still its most famous line-up. All the phones in this series have one thing in common. Their batteries are more powerful than those of most smart phones. The biggest example of this is the Changhong Z9.

Not long ago, Changhong included a new phone in its line-up, the Changhong S3, which is an upgraded version of the V5T. It was first released in Changhong’s official stores for 899 RMB (143.65 USD). Right now, the lowest price it can be bought for online is only 799 RMB (127.67 USD). Its battery capacity is almost twice as much as that of the V5T.

The S3 is round and its measurements are 144.3 x 72 x 10.5mm. It runs on a 4000mA battery.

The upgrades from the V5T are pretty clear. The S3 uses the MT6582 quad-core processor with a main frequency of 1.3GHz, has 1GB of RAM, 4GB ROM, qHD screen, and a 5Mp camera. It also supports the TD+GSM dual-SIM.