LG G3 smartphone detail picture before launch

by Rosgani 0


LG is preparing to unveiled their new flagship smartphone LG G3, and now the Korean website has been showing a couples picture of upcoming LG G3 Android smartphone.

The folk seems working on the LG company or maybe someone who work at manufacturing process, and he showing the upcoming LG G3 smartphone before it’s release officially to the market.

The image is very detail that taket with very close, so we can see the LG G3 rear body, and the phone has ultra-thin bezel that makes the screen look larger than we espected. The phone is also has nice design that covered with glossy white color.

On the rear body of LG G3, there is a camera and has LED flash light, it’s seems there is dual LED flash light and there is a camera lense between them, under the lense we can see the button that may a new navigation button that little different with predecessor model.

According to recent rumor, the upcoming LG G3 will be packs with 4K qHD display and powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 80 quad-core processor, and support with 2GB of RAM. Thisphone will be starting their debut in Korean markets before jeading to global market.