Xiaomi 4 may be equipped with sapphire crystal glass

by Frank Tu 0

According to Taiwan media news, Xiaomi 4 will be released in the fourth quarter this year. As a next-generation flagship phone, Xiaomi 4 will not only use the most powerful hardware, and it will be equipped with sapphire crystal glass. Meanwhile, the media pointed out that not only is Apple and Xiaomi, many other companies are also planning to use sapphire crystal glass, lest they lose at the starting line.

In general, sapphire crystal glass applies only in the high-end devices, because its transmission capacity is good, and the wear resistance is stronger, but the problem is the high cost. Even though the cost is higher, but consumers are more like the glass. With the development of technology and the increase of production capacity, people can enjoy the benefits of it.

If both Xiaomi and Apple use the sapphire crystal glass, so in the field of domestic high-end smartphone, Corning Gorilla glass is hard to maintain a “monopoly”, after all, consumers are more like high configuration flagship mobile phone, even if the price is slightly increased.