Goldgenie offers modification of HTC One M8 with 24 carat gold cover

by Rosgani 0


Goldgenie has been modified the new HTC One m8 smartphone that covered with 24 carat gold cover, that makes the HTC One M8 is becoming more luxurious and expensive price.

The London based company, Goldgenie, has offered three version of modification HTC One M8, those are; gold, rose gold and platinum.

Goldgenie has presented the HTC One M8 with luxurious material, the gold version is offers with $2,560 USD, and the rose gold version is offers with $2,695 USD.

Which is the most expensive customized HTC One M8 uses platinum covered material for whole body, this version is offers with $2,830 USD.

Goldgenie is also has modified the iPhone 5S, BlackBerry Q10 and samsung Galaxy S4 that also covers with gold recently.

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