With Massive Battery Changhong Z9 is available under $160

by Frank Tu 0


As more and more complain that smartphone batteries are not durable, which is in reality the struggle between life and beauty. If battery size is increased, style is marginalized and if style is kept in consideration the battery has to be thin. But if a balance between life and beauty can be stricken than such phone would definitely get attention.

Changhong in fourth quarter of the last year introduced Changhong Z9 with 5,000mAh battery with thickness of 9mm. But it could not garnered much response. Now the subsequent edition of eight-core Extreme Edition are available below 1,000 yuan($160).

Changhong phone dimensions are 158x81x8.99mm. Changhong Z9 is hardware and software optimizable. It may come with low power quad-core MTK6589T, 1GB RAM+16GB ROM. It has 5.5-inches screen with 8MP Camera, with a support of WCDMA+GSM dual SIM support.

The enhanced version of Z9 has price of 1200-1400 yuan. It carries 2GB RAM + 32GB Memory and 1080P screen. The eight-core Extreme Edition of Z9 is available at 1700 yuan. All three versions of Changhong Z9 are worth your money.