MIUI: Xiaomi’s last line of defense

by Frank Tu 1

MIUI has been hailed as the “soul” of Xiaomi and where the company’s competitive strength lies. Right now, about 200 models are undergoing iteration, and it has over 50 million users worldwide.


However, in the Smartphone wars, companies such as ZTE and Meizu prices have almost beat Xiaomi with their prices. Nevertheless, it will still be hard for the company’s rivals to break through Xiaomi’s last line of defense, the MIUI.


MIUI ROMs can be considered an “ecosphere” because its functions and services provide great transforming opportunities, and has attracted many third-party developers. One of its biggest strengths is its App store.


Companies that want to compete with Xiaomi must realize that the best components and manufacturing designs are not enough to crush Xiaomi and that they can only study the ROM mechanics behind the MIUI. Until now, traditional manufacturers have only thought about how to produce high quality phones, but Leijun’s plans for Xiaomi could serve as a greater blueprint. He wants to create a mobile online ecosphere with hardware, software, and other services. Although this blueprint still centers around phones, it is only a part of something bigger. To some degree, the significance of the MIUI is more important than the hardware of Xiaomi’s phones.