New Oppo Phablet is on the way, the leaked photos show

by Frank Tu 0

oppo phablet


Staged leaks are the best type of leaks as we get to know more about the products being leaked. On the other hand, random leaks by a kid roaming in a store doesn’t give much detail about the product (in our case a mobile phone). The recent apparently a stage by Oppo show photos of their new LTE phablet. This phablet is supposedly be announced on 10th June in LTE Conference. As Oppo is busy in rolling out Oppo N1 Mini and R6007 LTE, it is likely they may be working on other phone to fulfill the demand of consumers of large phones. According to the picture the device is of good size, as apparent from the picture, the guy holding the phone with phone near his ear. The phone is wider than the ear. Similarly, the picture tells that the pocket of guy’s jeans is of just the right size.

The most prominent thing in the picture (although the pictures are blurry) is the styling of the phone. It is one such aspect which is not emphasized by Oppo much. The leaked phone has dual tone styling that makes it look like a bigger version of iPhone 5S. Similar is the camera which is placed near the top of the phone in middle. The dual tone styling of white and silver makes it different from its cousins Oppo N1, Find 5 or Find 7, which sport one color designing. The photos shows that the body of the phone is made up of metal, which is in high demand now a day. Guesses about the dimension of the phone shows that it is somewhat 5.5 to 6 inches. It is more probable as the Find 7 has 5.5 inch and N1 is 5.9 inches. We don’t have to wait much as the announcement date is approaching.

oppo phablet 2

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