Vido release Windows 8.1 tablet PC

by Rosgani 0


One of Chinese tablet manufacturer, Vido is now release new tablet model, while the Vido W11C has been cover before, and now we want oto intriducing the other Vido tablet device.

The Microsoft Windows platform is become more interesting since the Micrsoft is offers this platform with license-free for device that has less than 9-inch screen size and use Bing as the default search engine in the device.

Vido is already release the new tablet device that running with Windows 8.1 operating system, those tablet are; Vido W11C, Vido W10Pro, and Vido W11Pro.

The new Vido W11C has 10.1 inch screen size with 1900 x 1200 IPS screen, poewered by Intel Atom Bay Trail Z3735D. the tablet is sports with 2GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. This tablet is running WIndows 8.1.2 operating system and interestingly, this tablet is using 8400 mAh battery capacity. This tablet is also support for UltraStick 3G from Huawei and offers with 1999 yuan price tag or about $320 USD.

While the Vido W10 Pro is offers with 4GB of RAM (DDRL3), 64GB storage and packs with 10 inch screen with 1280 x 800p x 10.1 inch  display. Powered by Intel Atom Bay Trail Z3770 (quadcore, up to 2.39Ghz), Two full-sized USB ports, 802.11ac support, and has 8000mAh battery capacity, support for Huawei UltraStick 3G support and GPS. The price of this device is ¥ 2699 or about $431 USD.

And the last but not least, the Vido W11 Pro, this tablet is sports with 2GB of RAM (DDRL3), 64GB of storage, and packs with 10.1 inch screen size with 1900 x 1200p x 10.1 inch IPS display (223 PPI), powered by Intel Atom Bay Trail Z3740D (quadcore, up to 2.39Ghz), and equipped with 8000mAh battery capacity, and has suport for Huawei UltraStick 3G and GPS, while for now there is no information about the price yet.