Changhong brings Curved Ultra HD TV to Indonesian market

by Rosgani 0

Changhong-Curved TV

A television with a curved design screen gives a nice and incredible experience. No wonder that this kind of TV set has a fantastic price. Chinese electronics manufacturer, Changhong are now offering TV products that has curved screen to Indonesian market.

Compared to similar products from other brands, the Changhong curved TV set has nice and very affordable price.

Changhong has two model of Curved TV set, the 55 inch screen size that offers with $3500 USD price tag, while the other model is 65 inch screen size which offers with $5081 USD price tag per unit.

While the other manufacturer is offers with more pricey, the 55 inch TV set is offers with around $7000 USD and the 65 inch screen size is offers with $9000 USD price tag.

The new Changhong TV can running Android application, since the Changhong TV is also has Android operating system inside, the Changhong TV set is also has IGZO screen.

The Changhong TV is powered by dual core processor and GPU, there is USB slot that can be used to attach the mouse, keyboard and USB thumb drive. The Changhong TV is also has WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet, so you can surf the web through this televisin for whole your family.

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