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CyanogenMod for Oneplus One will be delayed to end of June

by Rosgani 1


One Plus is becoming more interesting smartphone since the device is not only offers with the high-end hardware specification, but  also comes with custom ROM system that develop by CyanogenMod.

According to the news, the phone will get the CyanogenMod CM11 update and awill be available with tow user interface options, MIUI or Color OS.

The OnePlus One smartphone is becoming hype and more people is interesting to buy this phone but  now some buyers has not received their smartphone since the company has the security vulnerabilities that were recently discovered lurking in the OpenSSL software tool (yes, that’s the very same OpenSSL package that was also at the center of the Heartbleed scare), becuase the CyanogenMod team is decided to restoration their system and will be release the stable-version ROM. This cause the delay of the shipping device for international market.

Fortunately, the device will be available in the end of June and the Color OS 2.0 version can be download before the end of June.

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  • Dave Weinstein

    Why do you refer to Color OS as a choice, or even a “thing” unto itself. It’s the hubris of Oppo thinking that their “value added” junk is actually an asset instead of a liability.

    You unwittingly encourage them by referring to it as Color 2.0 rather than calling it what it is, “Oppo’s unnecessarily proprietary port of Android.”