An analysis of next-gen CPUs: MediaTek MT6732 MT6752 and MT6595

by Frank Tu 0



Competition among CPU manufacturers has been fierce in the market with Qualcomm currently on top while MediaTek has taken a hold of half the market, followed by Samsung and Intel…


“In the world of Kung Fu, speed defines the winner.” This is a principle that MediaTek has long followed.


Later this year, MediaTEk will release three new CPUs, the MT6595, MT6752, and MT6732.


The state of MTK is very clear


       The MT6732, which uses four A53 cores, is set to replace the MT6589. It supports up to 13mp for photo taking and 1080p for video recording, and 720p display resolution.


The MT6752, which uses eight A53 cores, will replace the MT6582, supports up to 16mp photo taking, 1080p video taking, and 1080p display resolution.


The MT6595, which uses four A17 cores and four A7 cores, uses the classic big.Little framework, supports up to 20mp photo taking, 4K video recording, and WQXGA display resolution.


It should be noted that all three are LTE-supported.



Two editions of the MT6595 CPU will be released. One will be the original MT6595 and the other will be the MT6595m which has a lower frequency and weaker specs.


Regarding the performance, according to ARM, the A17 and A15 are about the same, but this CPU’s power consumption is not that great. Based on how it is used with the RK3288, the A17 seems to work normally. As for the GPU, it uses the PowerVR G6200 which is not bad but overheats more easily.


According to the table, we can see that both VPU supports, at most, the DDR3 at 933MHz. Like the Qualcomm 808, it supports up to 14.9Gbps.

Regarding its photo specs, according to MediaTek, cameras that use the MT6595m can support up to 16mp while the MT6595 can support up to 20mp. As for its video recording specs, the MT6595 supports recording 4000 pixel videos.



The MT6595 does not have any clear strengths but it does not have any clear weaknesses either. Does it support 2k display resolution? Yes. 4k video? Yes. 4G internet? Yes. 5GHz WiFi? Yes. HD cameras? Yes.


You can get all of this at even under $40. You can just go ahead and take it. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab your phone and dial this hotline (65958888) for a very awesome phone!


What you should take note of, though, is its release date.


There’s a saying, “Speed is the soldier’s greatest weapon.” Not surprisingly, we may see the first device to use the MT6595 at the end of the year. At this point, the MT6595 won’t have any competition. CPUs with better performance will be too expensive while the performance of cheaper ones will not be as good. Given the reasonable price and average performance, this chipset should sell more than the rest.


To compete with the MT6595, Qualcomm will use the Snapdragon 805 which will use Krait cores. Its benchmark test score is about the same as the MT6595 although in practical use, the 805 has better memory and bigger bandwidth.  But the MT6595 could sell with the following slogan: “Eight cores! Beautiful words to the Chinese market’s ears!”


Even though MediaTek hopes to enter the high-end market with the MT6595, the Snapdragon 800 has already sold at under 2000 RMB (321.20 USD). Phones that carry the MT6595 are expected to compete with each other costing between 1000 RMB (160.52 USD). Some phones may even be sold at under 999 RMB (160.36 USD).


Will the MT6595 be a success or a dud?

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