Trial use of the HTC M8Sw China Unicom Edition: Uses quad-core Snapdragon 801 and costs 2999 RMB (481.74 USD)

by Frank Tu 0

2014062515460399947       Introduction: When the HTC M8 first hit stores, it received rave reviews, but because of its high price, HTC decided to release the M8Sw. This new phone is covered with a plastic case and replaced the M8’s UltraPixel camera with a 13mp camera. Its CPU was upgraded to the Snapdragon 801 and its price in China Unicom’s official online store ( as 2999 RMB. We recently managed to get our hands on the M8Sw’s China Unicom version and today, we’ll try it out.


HTC M8S China Unicom Edition


CPU: Qualcomm 8974AC quad-core with 2.5GHz


Operating system: Android 4.4.2


Memory: 2GB RAM/16GB ROM


Display screen: 5-inch screen


Resolution: 1920×1080


Camera: 13mp/5mp


Battery voltage: 2600mha



Price: 2999 RMB



The back is curvy and made of plastic. The M8Sw continues to use the HTC’s classic design.



The HTC M8Sw China Unicom Edition uses a 13mp rear camera and has an LED flashlight.


On the back there’s a notice that says that this is a TD-LTE phone and that it supports TD-LTE 4G internet with 100Mbps internet speed.


It has a 5mp front-facing camera which has greater specs than the rear camera.



The speakers are located at the front just like the HTC M8.


USB and earphone ports are located at the bottom.



Volume switch is located on the right side.



The Power switch is located in the middle at the top.



The HTC M8Sw China Unicom edition has 16GB internal memory storate but also has a TF  card slot on the left side.



It supports 4G dual-SIM along with LTE/WCDMA 3G/4G internet. Its internet speed can go up to 100Mbps. A NanoSIM card needs to be installed.



The designs of the M8Sw’s receiver and speakers are completely different from the original’s.


The M8Sw is made of plastic while the original is made of metal. The former is listed as costing 2999 RMB in China Unicom’s website while the M8 costs up to 5299 RMB (851.21 USD

The M8Sw Unicom Edition has a 13mp main camera.

Like the M8, the M8Sw has a 5mp front camera.  2014062515444862911




Both use the HTC sense 6.0 which is modeled after the Android 4.4.



The HTC M8Sw, with its Snapdragon 801, got 36000 in its benchmark test while the M8 only got about 28000.



The Snapdragon 801 has a frequency of 2.5GHz while the M8’s Snapdragon 800 only has 2.3 GHz. Furthermore, both have 2GB RAM.




The HTC M8Sw follows the HTC M8’s design with plastic instead of metal, lowering the price to 2999 RMB. The CPU was upgraded to the Snapdragon 801 making it more powerful than the HTC M8. It also supports China Unicom’s 4G internet with speed that goes up to 100Mbps as well as dual-SIM.