Xiaomi 4K Smart TV with Broadcom 5G, a perfect solution.

by Frank Tu 1


Considering the powerful handheld devices available these days, it is strange that it has taken so long for the streaming capabilities of the average homeowner to catch up. It might have just happened, however, Xiaomi’s 4K Mi TV2 is now available and it contains a groundbreaking component. Broadcom’s 5G Wifi chip is actually capable of providing the speed, bandwidth and range to achieve seamless connectivity with other devices, online mobile gaming and HD-quality streaming.


This kind of technological breakthrough could herald a huge increase in demand for smart TVs, with Gartner2 reporting that 85% of all LCD TVs will be Smart TVs by 2018, and it is the synchronisation of devices that is demanded the most from new technology, so the 5G capability is bound to be a popular advancement. The TV also offers superior gaming features and access to thousands of free HD movies and on-demand services.

The two companies certainly seem to have struck gold insofar as combining their products goes, being able to produce a Smart TV capable of so much so quickly was a masterstroke of Xiaomi’s, and Broadcom’s hardware will add capability to Xiaomi’s affordable excellence in design we have all come to expect. It is something of a match made in heaven if the spokespeople are to be believed, with Broadcom Senior Director Alex Chou effusing By combining our cutting edge technology with their own design expertise, Xiaomi has raised the bar for smart TV performance and delivered a remarkable new home entertainment experience to the China consumers.” It certainly is cutting edge technology, with the 5G performing up to 3 times faster and with six times more power than the earlier 802.11 version, it provides 8 times the capacity and broader coverage with improved reliability. This gigantic stride forward, when coupled with Xiaomi’s design and value is certainly a product worth investing in.