A photo of the Milky Way taken using the ZTE Nubia Z7 with the help of a star tracker

by Frank Tu 0

Tomorrow, ZTE will formally launch their new phone, the Nubia Z7. Today, news spread that a photo of the Milky Way was taken using ZTE’s unreleased phone with many asking how the photographer did it and if he used and device to help him.


Nubia’s PR manager @狂奔蝸牛MT cleared up all the rumors by stating that this photo was taken by the Nubia Z7 with only the help of a star tracker. He also urged people to wait for its release to try it out. A star tracker is usually necessarily to overcome the problems caused by the Earth’s rotation to take a photo of the Milky Way.20140707_095129_127

On July 4, 2014, at the suggestion of Nubia Smartphones, Mr. Li Qiang, a member of the Shenzhen Photography Association for Entrepreneurs had a photo taken by Nubia, “Instanteneous Eternity”added to the Beijing Planetarium’s collection.  This was the first photo of the Milky Way to be successfully taken by a cell phone.