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Supporting Dual SIM Dual Standby, Unicom Huawei Honor 6 is to be launched on July 22

by Frank Tu 2

News of July 15 came that Honor 6 supporting both WCDMA and FDD LTE would be available on Huawei mall and JingDong mall on July 22, 2014. This launch is for consumers with reservation only. For more surprises, please find in person  that day!

20140715040931867The Unicom version of Honor 6 going on sale soon, has a memory combination of 3GB+16GB, supporting dual SIM dual standby, with main SIM for China Unicom 4G/3G/2G and sub SIM for Unicom or for China Mobile Micro-SIM card. Besides, there will be two colors black and white variants.

Honor 6 carries Hawei’s independently researched and developed first super eight-core processor—Huawei Unicorn 920, in forefront support of LTE Cat6, whose performances are outstanding.

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  • Vladnar

    Can’t wait for it! Do you know if they plan to launch the 32gb version the same day? Also, when you say “Huawei mall”, do you mean “vmall”? If so, do you mean the chinese version of the “vmall” or the international one? Thank you

  • toioioio

    can you tell me the memory read/write score of the honor 6 please?