Unboxing: Ramos K100

by Frank Tu 0

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There are two small speakers at the bottom of the tablet. At first, I thought that it really only had one speaker and that the second speaker was just to make the tablet look prettier, but when I turned it on, both speakers let out a loud sound.d7058226cffc1e17a80cf00f4990f603728de98d 69b34134970a304ef18dd9c4d2c8a786c8175c89 12b4367adab44aed0b4adfdab01c8701a18bfb30 39c2ddc451da81cbfe46caf35166d0160824319c


This tablet supports China Unicom 3G and China Mobile 2G.



Here’s its benchmark score. Can anyone guess what processor its using?f78b62d0f703918fce0f22f5523d269758eec45b


As the table below shows, its processor is the MT6592.



The tablet’s compass is good while it’s gyroscope sucks! Actually, since there are not a lot of games that use gyroscopes, I could really care less.



Let’s talk about the K100’s screen. This tablet sports a 10.1-inch screen with 1200p resolution and dpi240 which is just so-so.

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