MIUI Celebrates its 4th Birthday

by Frank Tu 0

The Mi User Interface developed by Xiaomi which is based on open source Android operating system has completed 4 years of its existence. It was in year 2010 when the first version of MIUI was released. Since then, 5 new versions have been released in these 4 years and the latest version being the 6th version (MIUI V6) was released on 16th August 2014, on the 4th anniversary.

Everyone related to MIUI in some way or other is happy for the 4th Birthday celebrations of MIUI. On this occasion, Xiaomi also gave away coupons to people in Malaysia. Coupons are of value ranging from $2 to $10. According to the sources 3 types of coupons have been distributed:

–          Phone coupon worth $10.

–          Accessories coupon worth $4.

–          Accessories coupon worth $2.

MIUI fans across the world are so excited for MIUI birthday that they have sent in their video clips to wish MIUI a happy birthday. These video clippings have been put together in a special video that has been created and posted by the team at MIUI.

Hugo Barra, the vice president of global affairs at Xiaomi, gave birthday wishes to MIUI through his Google Plus page by writing “Happy 4th Birthday MIUI”. According to the statistics MIUI has a total of 70 million fans and users worldwide.

We also wish MIUI a very Happy Birthday. MIUI has a long way to go. Cheers!

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