More MX4 News Disclosed by Meizu’s Senior Tech Manager Who Are About To Resign

by Frank Tu 0

The closer we’re getting to the announcement conference, the more rumours about MX4 are out there. But it’s confirmed that there will only be MX4 at the announcement, no MX Pro. What about the China Telecom edition? And any other editions?

Zhang Heng, the senior tech manager of Meizu was doing a Q&A on Weibo regarding the announcement conference earlier today. He disclosed a lot of information regarding MX4. He also said himself that he’s gonna resign due to all those misunderstandings caused by his failure to deliver the authentic information regarding the announcement.

Below is a list of all the information we got from Zhang Heng:

  1. Only MX4 (the standard edition) will be released on September 2nd, along with Flyme 4.0.
  2. Both China Mobile edition and China Unicom edition will be available, but there won’t be a Telecom edition this time. We also won’t see it coming in the nearest future.
  3. J.Wong won’t be there.
  4. No mini edition available for MX4, but there will be a pro edition. Also there will be a slightly difference in the appearances of the two. Pro edition won’t be available this year due to the slowness of its R&D. There won’t be any news related to Ubuntu.
  5. There will be two announcement conferences this year.
  6. Flyme 4.0 will be available for MX2 and MX3, the 4th quarter of this year, but not the first generation.
  7. No tablet plan so far.