Meizu MX4 & MX Pro leaked: Huge Upgrades

by Frank Tu 0

Last night, Li Nan, the vice CEO of Meizu confirmed on Weibo that only the MX4 will be released at the annoucement on September 2nd, which means we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for MX Pro.

He also shared some more info about MX4 today on Weibo at noon.

Li Nan said:”The announcement of MX4 is gonna be huge.” A major overhaul we are talking about here. And MX4 Pro is gonna be a even larger step ahead, so its price is also gonna be on the high end. Don’t be surprised to see a price tag like over 3000RMB ($492).

He also implied that compared to MX3, MX4 is one further step ahead in very aspect, giving users a more pleasant experience overall, but there won’t be a big change with its price.

Let’s wait and see what the announcement brings us.

Li Nan's weibo post regarding the MX4 annoucement