Ramos and Intel launch i9s, 97s, and i10s tablets

by Frank Tu 0

Yesterday, Ramos and Intel launched three new devices at the Beijing Film Director’s Center, the i9s, i7s, and i10s.

Members of Intel and Ramos upper-management as well as reporters and fans gathered to witness the birth of Ramos new Intel-processor-using tablets.

The star of the event was the Ramos i9s which uses Intel’s newest processor, the Intel Atom Z3735F which was made using 22nm 3D Tri-gate technology and the new Silvermont architecture. It has four cores, uses Intel Gen7 Graphics, supports DX11, HD, Intel Turbo Boost 2.0, and many others.

The Ramos i9s is the first tablet to use a 4.35V 8000mAh BYD battery. It is very powerful, safe and can last for 10 hours when the user surfs the web. Its default OS is the Lewa OS but it can be upgraded to Windows 8.1.

The i7s is 7 inches while the i10s is 10.1 inches. Both tablets support 3G and GPS. The designs and functions of both tablets should be enough to meet the user’s needs.

Users can surf the web using the i10s for up to 11 hours. It sports a 1290 x 1200 10.1-inch screen and its OS can be upgraded to Windows 8.1.

The i7s costs somewhere between 599RMB (97.48 USD) and 699 RMB (113.75 USD).

The price range for the i9s is 1099 RMB (178.84 USD)-1199 RMB (195.12 USD).

The i10s costs somewhere between 1199 RMB (195.12 USD) and 1399 RMB (227.66 USD).

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