ZTE sends invites for its upcoming event in New York on 16th September

by Frank Tu 0

ZTE eventWith the IFA trade show in Berlin coming soon, the mobile world is abuzz with rumours and announcements. The biggest and busiest time for the mobile phone manufacturers is here as they all compete against each other to bring out something new and innovative. To add to the buzz, Apple will launch its latest iPhone on 9th September which has the attention of the entire world set on it. All mobile phone manufacturers are utilising this time to the fullest by bringing out latest phones and showcasing their latest technologies.

However, ZTE has something else in mind. Instead of jumping in the crowd like all other competitors, ZTE wants to wait till the excitement has died down. Only then will it hold a launch event of its own. It seems that the company does not want to share the attention of customers with other competitors. It wants all eyeballs to be fixed on its product. The above said event will take place on 16th September at New York City. However, it is still not clear as to which phone will ZTE launch at this event?

The company’s USA branch has launched a seven second Vine video which is the invite to this event. Since the event is taking place in USA and the invite has also been launched by ZTE USA it is being anticipated that the device will be up for sales in the USA. It is not common for ZTE products to be sold in the USA but recently Nubia 5S Mini entered the US market through a sales agreement with Amazon.com.

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