OPO welcomes Sony and Samsung’s Flagship with some exciting offers.

by Frank Tu 0

Chinese OEM has welcomed Samsung’s and Sony’s latest offering to the market with some quite little immolate  jab. The two latest flagship from giants can prove to be chart busters this year, but hold on OPO a phone old company has compared their phone with those two smartphones and has trolled them up to some extent(competition).

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Not just that in its official facebook page they have arranged a giveaway saying, The Flagship Battle continues. To welcome the launch of the Sony XPERIA Z3 and Samsung Note $4 we are giving away another free 64GB Sandstone Black OnePlus One and 100 Invites! separate contests for each.

Though there are many high end features in all, Galaxy Note 4 stands tall in terms of specification and OPO deserves in budget factor.

Since IFA is on fire, let’s see still who all gets a poke from this Little Lad from China.