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Xiaomi to release iHealth smart blood pressure monitor for 199 RMB (32.43 USD)

by Frank Tu 3

After releasing the Mi Band, Xiaomi has released a smart blood pressure monitor in collaboration with Silicon Valley-based iHealth. This device will be sold at Xiaomi’s official store on September 25 for 199 RMB.


iHealth is the first company in the world to release a smart blood pressure monitor. These devices were sold in Apple’s official stores and online stores. Before Xiaomi, they only produced these devices as accessories to Apple devices. The iHealth smart blood pressure has passed the ESH2010 medical standard and is easy to use. Users will have to download the iHealth app. Place the Red Mi phone (It is best compatible with Red Mi phones, Mi 2S and above) on the device, and the app will automatically turn on. Then, put on the strap and click on the “Start test” button on the screen to measure your blood pressure.

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  • Debute

    iHealth? Are you serious? Another step closer to making the mould of everything iOS? Man…

    • BotondKisKovacs

      Didn’t you read? This company made Apple compatible devices only up until now. so the “i” made sense while they were exclusive. This isn’t anyone copying anything, this is a company expanding beyond Apple.

  • BotondKisKovacs

    Not to nitpick but this is a step back from a standard $30/$50 blood pressure monitor. Why on earth would you make it harder to measure your blood pressure by removing the display from a device and requiring to pair your phone with it to act as a screen instead?
    I understand when they only sell to Apple users it doesn’t matter cause they’d buy anything with an “i” as a prefix but this makes no sense for anyone who has ever used a blood pressure monitor before.