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Meizu MX4 vs. Vivo Xshot: Camera comparison

by Frank Tu 6


Vivo is designed as a camera phone, but Meizu MX4 got the latest Sony imx220, which cellphone has the better camera, the MX4 (20.7mp) or the Vivo Xshot (F1.8 aperture)?    Let’s take a look at the following pictures.

Sample 1: Nankai University badge, Automatic mode


Meizu MX4

Vivo Xshot

       These shots are of the school emblem of Nankai Univeristy which was founded in 1919. Back then, it was called the “Nankai Private School.” Premier Zhou Enlai was one of its alumni but only studied there for a short time.


       The pixilation in both photos are both very good. The carving and rails are all very clear. However, the Vivo Xshot’s shot is slightly brighter than the MX4’s due to its larger aperture.

Sample 2: A statue of Mr. Yang Shixian, automatic mode



       There is more of a difference here than the last two photos. The MX4’s photo is a bit reddish but the Xshot has a more natural color. For me, the latter did a better job in capturing the image of the stature.

Sample 3: One corner of the school’s flower bed, automatic



       The picture taken by the MX4 looks really nice. The coloring looks more natural and the entire photo is very clear. In the Xshot’s photo, the yellow flower looks a bit dimmer, probably because of the aperture. It seems that having a big light aperture does not always help.

Sample 4: Tianjian University’s public bikes, automatic



       From Nankai University, we head straight north to Tianjin University’s grounds. Near the buildings are two rows of bicycles that the University loans to students. I did not see any problems with both photos. Both of them look very clear and natural.

Sample 5: Tianjin Water Park, maximum zoom



       These two photos were taken after doing a full zoom on both phones. Personally, I think the MX4’s shot looks better than the Xshot’s especially since the characters for “Water Park” look much more natural in the former.

Sample 6: The Zhou Enlai and Deng Ying Chao Memorial (Zhou Enlai’s plane), automatic



       The plane in these photos is Zhou Enlai’s personal plane that was given to him by the Soviets. He used this plane many times to travel to countries such as Vietnam and India.


There does not seem to be much of a difference between both photos. However, the MX4’s photo shows more of the plane than the Xshot’s. The size of the Xshot’s photo could be smaller. If you want to take full scenic photos, the MX4’s probably is probably your best choice.

The Zhou Enlai and Deng Ying Chao Memorial (a car given by the Soviets), automatic




       This is where the Vivo Xshot’s F1.8 aperture’s advantage shows. After taking in more light, it takes a bright and clear shot of the car. The MX4’s photo has a few dark spots in it, but does not have any noise.

Sample 7: Guestbook, macro mode



I’ll just leave it up to you to say which one is better.

Sample 8: Haihe Square, automatic



Conclusion:  Meizu MX4 and the Vivo Xshot take pretty high-quality photos based on these shots. The MX4’s camera has improved a lot since being upgraded from having an 8mp lens in the MX3 to 20.7mp. Because of its F1.8 aperture, the quality of shots taken using the Xshot’s camera are bright and clear regardless of whether you are taking night shots or panoramic shots. Both are good and are worth buying.

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  • Seth Alpine

    Thanks for this useful comparaison (more interesting than Nikon’s Effel tower shoot published by Meizu…)for the Mx-4.
    I hope that Meizu will put an option in order to take phot in 16/9 format too, 4/3 is logical, but their 15/9 format is just a very boring stuff, and doesn’t fit to any modern screen

  • Stelios Alexandrou

    Vivo Xshot is superior in most aspects.. the only advantage of the meizu as i see from the pictures is the wider angle capture as you can see on the plane picture..maybe zooming too as it has more pixels.. however the xshot pictures are clearer.. and the macro mode no comparison.. if you have a look on the tree leaves on the bike picture they are much clearer on the xshot.. HDR mode comparison would be great too.. Sony MX220 lens is supposed to be their new model but the comparison does not justify anything better really..

  • Bielsamania

    I tried both, taking photos of my 1 year and 2 month boy running everywhere in the shops.

    With the Meizu, i wasnt able to take even 1 clear picture of my running boy whereas with the Vivo Xhost, they were all crystal clear.

    That is a huge difference which sadly none internet review is talking about, so i share my experience 😉

    • Frank Tu

      Yes, Meizu MX4’s camera can take good pictures is you are using a tripod or has a extremely steady hand.

    • GST

      OIS really help. Next time I’ll get a phone that has OIS on their camera.

  • Just made a full detailed vivo Xshot review!: