Video: Vivo X5(YAMAHA YSS-205) Song recording test

by Frank Tu 0

With build-in chip Yamaha YSS205, VIVO X5 is maximized its sound effect massively. Now let’s look at below functions of the legend chip Yamaha YSS205.
1. Real time sound-back-to-ear
When you are singing, your sound will be back to the earphone, the singer can adjust his/her status by their own sounds so that it can prevent the singer singing out of tune. As we can see in many concerns, singers would have a pair of earphone which is fitted in their ears. Actually, iPhone also has this function which is achieved by apps, and it would be delay when dealing with up-tempo songs, while VIVO X5 has solved this problem perfectly with build-in YAMAHA YSS205, you could almost ignore the time lag.

2. The reverberation sound effect
We know that the voice of amateur singers are a litter bit dull, so the sound effect of reverberation is very important for them. If you want the sound effect just like that you are in KTV, YAMAHA YSS205 could help you to achieve that effect. Though we can make it by visual functions of some softwares, but only VIVO X5 can integrate it by YAMAHA hardware. Therefore, its sounds are more clear and better.

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