OPPO N3: new photos show fingerprint sensor

by Frank Tu 0

78_1413875887 Today, OPPO released more news about their upcoming OPPO N3 phone (due to be released on October 29). According to the company, the OPPO N3 will sport a 16mp camera with 1 2/3in digital camera sensor. They even posted an exploded view photo of it. However, some netizens think there is something else about the photo. Many netizens point out what appears to be a fingerprint scanner on the back of the OPPO N3. As the photo shows, like many Android phones with fingerprint scanners, the OPPO N3’s fingerprint scanner is located on the back of the cellphone, and like the iPhone 6, you have to press it not rub it with your finger. The OPPO N3 will also have an electronically-controlled rotating camera (16mp) and VOOC rapid charging technology. It will also have a 5.5-in FHD screen and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.