Xiaomi Power Bank 16000 Tear-down

by Frank Tu 1


       Xiaomi recently released a 16000mAh power bank, and it only costs 99 RMB (16.15 USD). See how it looks like disassembled in this tear-down.


Xiaomi’s power banks (10400mAh version and 16000mAh version)


The package

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This package is twice as big as the old one.

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The Power Bank, USB cable, and warranty card


The 16000mAh version is slimmer than the 10400mAh version.s_29b6c7552d0546a883d71922fde7f9a4 s_5a920d7a5136495e849605db5807e4ee s_29f14c90fb30478d9fbac7d6bb156150 s_6afc588390c841bfb3b67794efacf671 s_14149a2ecbec44078ef361d14d08a0a8 s_caa880ec439e41cda3856f59f786c008

The biggest change is that the 16000mAh version now has two USB ports, allowing users to charge two devices at the same time.


The design style has not changed with the exception of the additional USB charging port.

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Front: Battery cells (LGABE11865 LG, 3200mAh, 4.35V)



s_e76a089254b24d90b625c5838b86d9a9 s_7aa0401a52024a34ae5b88e48f7f6e38 s_2653c7c7ea1c43f8a362638fd51855f6 s_946477b1df964f1d8f80d6bece0173b0

MicroUSB port and power display button

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Texas Instruments’ BQ24195

At most, it has an electrical current of 2.1A.