Meizu MX4 Pro vs Meizu MX4, Meizu MX4 wins

by Frank Tu 0

Meizu MX4 Pro

Meizu MX4 pro will be released today. We made a Meizu MX4 pro preview that it will be powered with Exynos 5430 2.0GHz +3G Ram+2560*1536 resolution. It seems to be a beast phone. But theoritically speaking, Meizu MX4 might be the winner based on their performance.

Firstly the CPU,MT6595 VS Exynos 5430: let’s campare Meizu MX4 with Samsung Alpha(Exynos 5430 1.8GHz)

SunSpider 1.0.2 JavaScript Benchmark:the less the better.
speed in extracting rar files(KB/s): the less the better
PI Benchmark: the less the better

We can see Meizu MX4 rocks in every benchmark test, it’s even better than the quad-core A15 Shield Tablet. MT6595 is really a powerful CPU, no wonder it can be the winner in the Oneplus One vs Huawei Honor 6 vs Meizu Mx4 vs Huawei Mate 7 —— 4K video test.

Then le’s move on to the GPU,

Meizu MX4 pro(Exynos 5430)’s Mali-T628 MP6 @600MHz is really a powerful GPU, even better than Snapdragon 801’s adero420, but can it work smoothly on Meizu MX4 pro’s display? It’s a 2560*1536 display theoritically larger than 2K. According to the what made android phone laggy theories, that’s why even LG G3 is not as smoothly as LG G2, it became laggy because of that 2K dispalay.

Here is the benchmark of (Samsung Alpha)Exynos 5430


Onscreen test:The results are presented in frames per second (fps), with the higher number indicating better performance.

That indicates Exynos 5430+ 2K will be more lag than MT6595+1080P. Since people can not tell the difference of 2K and 1080p on displays under 6 inches, fingerprint scanner are not essential, MX4 will surely bring a better user experience than MX4 pro.