DOOV L1 (MT6732) Review

by Frank Tu 0



A woman’s cellphone that is cost effective, has a big screen, and great camera specifications… Where can you find such a phone? Look no more as we introduce to you the DOOV L1 smartphone. Today, we will give you this review of DOOV’s new cellphone.

First, let us look over its specifications.

Dimensions: 153 x 76 x 5.9mm

Weight: 142g

Display screen material: AMOLED

Display screen size: 5.5 inches

CPU: 1.5GHz, quad-core MT6732

Memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM

Camera: 8mp rear-facing camera, 8mp front-facing camera

Screen-to-body ratio: 80%

Battery: 2340mAh



       The DOOV L1 comes in two colors: white and pink. The version being reviewed is the pink version. This phone has a metal chassis and a thickness of only 5.9mm.


Side view of the DOOV L1

       The DOOV L1 sports 5.5-inch On-Cell Samsung Amoled display with a 1280 x 720 resolution and 267ppi pixel density. It makes up 80% of the front side of the phone. Although a 720p screen is not nearly as good as a 2K display, it still works well with many devices.


Front of the DOOV L1

        Above the screen, from left to right, are the front-facing camera, receiver, and light and proximity sensor.


The back of the DOOV L1

The back of the DOOV L1 is covered by 0.55mm Corning Gorilla Glass 3 panel.


On the upper left corner of the back is an 8mp Sony rear-facing camera and LED flash. This camera is protected by the Corning Gorilla glass placed on the back.


The DOOV L1 sports a metal chassis and is comfortable to hold. On the left side is the volume switch while on the right side is the unlock button. These are the only buttons surrounding the phone. A large display screen may make it hard for the user to hold the phone, but the DOOV L1’s design fixes this problem. You can easily hold it with either your left or right hand.


The bottom of the DOOV L1

        On the top part of the DOOV L1 is a 3.5mm earphone jack and noise-cancelling microphone, while on the bottom, there is a micro USB port. Beside the USB port are speakers. This kind of design creates more room in the back and makes it more beautiful.


       Lastly, let us take a look at the card slots. This phone is dual-SIM-supported. The two SIM slots are located on both sides of the power switch.

Display screen 

       Although the DOOV L1 sports a 720p display screen, it uses an AMOLED screen which is excellent and provides very realistic graphics. When it comes to the viewing angle, the writer used this phone at a 30-45% angle with a lamp. It turns out that the DOOV L1 has a very wide viewing angle.


Display screen test

133798670_14163538227911n (1)

Viewing angle test

Benchmark scores and performance

        The DOOV L1 uses the MTK MT6732 64-bit quad-core chip (1.5GHz). To see how this quad-core CPU works, let us take a look at the benchmark scores.

In the AnTuTu benchmark test, it received a score of 30604. A 30000+ score is not bad and already surpasses the scores of many 1999 RMB (325.63 USD) devices.

Next we will take a look at its internet browsing speed using the famous Sunspider app. According to the results of the test, the internet speed for the DOOV L1 is very fast.



Next, we will look at the results the DOOV L1 got in the Nenamark 2 benchmark test which tests the phone’s display chip and whether it can play powerful 3D games well. This phone received a score of 58.0fps (the higher, the better).

Doov L1       Although you cannot completely base your decision to buy a phone only based on its performance and specifications, you probably won’t buy a phone that, although it may have a nice appearance, has terrible specs and performance. The DOOV L1, though, is a very great device for its price (1999 RMB, 325.69 USD).

Operating System

        The DOOV L1 runs the Android 4.4.4-based Super UI. The interface looks very similar to its predecessor and emphasis aesthetics and beauty.

DOOV L1 301427_d78e1       You can clearly see each app on the main page, and each icon looks so bright and colorful. This OS does not have a submenu. All the programs are right there in the desktop.


301395_b9ba8 301428_4bdd0

Desktop theme and icons

301397_accf5 301467_66c47

You can personalize the theme of your OS.

301468_c47da 301399_bb8e0Scroll up and scroll down menus

       The DOOV L1’s operating system has a lot of practical apps and functions. For example, you can brighten up the screen by tapping it twice. You can also personalize your desktop and choose themes. There are so many apps and are functions that are designed to satisfy female users.

       When you touch the virtual button on the left under the screen, you can select programs such as “Love at first Touch”, “Screen editor”, etc. You can use these to also personalize your phone and make it reflect your tastes better.   The “Love at First Touch” feature allows you to contact certain contacts of yours such as your best friend, family members, and boyfriends more easily.


The “Love at first touch” feature

133798670_14163538238261n 133798670_14163538244961n 133798670_14163538246741n 133798670_14163538248011n

Camera Interface

The DOOV L1 smartphone uses DOOV’s in-house camera software the Cam 2.0. Not only does it have so many scenery modes, but you can also adjust the pixilation and other specifications to take the best picture. You can press the button on the top left to switch between the front-facing camera and the rear-facing camera.

133798670_14163538276811n 133798670_14163538278261n 133798670_14163538279591n 133798670_14163538281011n

Camera Samples

        The DOOV L1 has been the slimmest selfie phone among 4G phones with 5.5-inch screens.  According to DOOV themselves, it sports an 8mp dual-camera (both front and back), and has an F2.0 aperture, allowing this camera to take in a lot of light. The back camera also comes with a very bright flash, which should help in the dark.

Now check out these sample photos that were taken using this phone.301410_d5349 301411_c3f96 301412_1bb6d 301419_ab55c 301426_92eb0

The photo on the left was taken by the DOOV L1 while the photo on the right was taken by the iPhone 5S.

301407_72ee9 301406_e5073 301405_642cd 301433_30203

133798670_14163538282491n 133798670_14163538285491n 133798670_14163538288861n 133798670_14163538291191n

       Overall, the DOOV L1’s 8mp camera is pretty good. Not only are the photos clear, but they do not have too many noise and other things that may ruin them.