Blackview Ultra, the iPhone 6 clone comes with an iOS like interface

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blackview ultra UI

Most of the iPhone 6 clones that we have seen recently have made sure that its operating system looks exactly like iOS. The Blackview Ultra too will come with a very similar interface to the Apple’s iOS operating system. In fact, this interface along with the exact looks of the 4.7 -inch iPhone 6 makes it very hard to distinguish between this clone and the real Apple device.

Most of the features and apps from iOS makes it to the device. So the inbuilt calender app, weather app, stopwatch, YouTube app etc are all designed to  look like the real deal. However, the phone runs on Android 4.4 KitKat OS which as you can see is heavily modified to make it similar to iOS 8. Other notable apps include the Game Center, which takes you to the play store (so its just there for name’s sake), then the iTunes app which is essentially a music player which looks like the original iTunes.

The settings menu on the device is built like Apple’s UI. Even the options inside have the same iOS looks. As for the camera UI, its once again like Apple’s interface. Swiping up or down will take you to different shooting modes like photo, video, square and panorama. There are a lot of other camera options as well such as HDR (although we are not sure whether it works), flash toggle button etc.

blackview ultra UI 2

Swiping down from the top of the display brings you the notifications center like all other Android devices. But even that is tweaked with iOS like design. Further, swiping up from the bottom will bring you the control center which is a trademark iOS feature. There are options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, volume level bar, the brightness bar as well as media control buttons. So, its exactly like the real control center.

You can also install the easy touch app on the device which brings in essential functions like back, home and menu keys right on the screen, even when you are inside an app. Given that the phone actually runs on Android, you get all the Android apps at your disposal like Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play Store etc.

While all these UI tweaks and design changes enhances the looks of the Blackview Ultra to the level of an actual iPhone 6, this can cause a small problem. Apart from the apps designed (tweaked) by the company that comes with the device, the other apps are made with Android 4.4 KitKat OS in mind. So, you may encounter some apps which look different from the phone’s OS but I guess that’s something that you must live with given the rest of the features and the cheap price tag. As of now, the Blackview Ultra just costs $119 in the market.

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