NO.1 G2 Smartwatch First Look

by Linus 5

When it comes to smart watches, there is no clear opinion about it. Some people still say that it is not necessary and believe that a classic watch will remain at the top for a long time. However, more and more manufacturers make them and try the consumer want it. Even the companies like Apple, which again “reinvented” the watch wants consumers change their habits and buy the smart watch as a must have gadget. Well, indeed these smart devices are capable of much more than you would expect.

The company No.1 has recently launched their new product – the G2 smart watch. It is quite obvious that it has some inspiration from the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Well, ok, it is a clone of this device. However, the design may be the same, but the No.1 adds some own functionality. Anyway, as usual, let’s start with the device’s exterior looks.



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As you can see in the pictures the design is the same as the Samsung’s. Actually, the build quality is very good, the choice of materials and construction is solid and well made. What is more, the bands can be easily changed, so the user has a freedom to mix and match it at their choice.

As far as build materials go, the face is made out of metal, the band is made of high quality rubber and the clip is stainless steel. Further, the glass is made out of sapphire glass, which is used in luxury watches and other expensive devices. Remember, even Apple wanted to have the sapphire screen on the iPhone, but failed due to some manufacturing issues.

What is more, the device comes in the choice of silver, gold and grey colours.

Main Specs and Features

The G2 smart watch has 1.54-inch TFT screen, which is touch capable. Also, the dimensions include 36.9 x 58.4 x 10.0mm. We can say that it is not the biggest, but also not the smallest smart watch we have ever seen. Furthermore, it has 2 mpx rear camera, standalone microphone, 350mAH battery capacity, MT2502A processor, which has 128M + 32M configuration. In addition, it supports Bluetooth 4.0, it has USB port and Micro SD slot, IP67 water resistance rating. Finally, it packs a bunch of sensors expected in a smart watch.


One of the interesting features is the ability to make calls directly from the device as it has an integrated microphone and a speaker. The sound quality is quite decent and we could easily make a conversation.


Another great feature is that it has a dedicated camera, which has 2megapixels. Of course, it will not be your main camera, which could replace your smartphone or even a real camera, but it may be helpful if you want to make some quick snaps for social media or even some secret pictures of your friend.

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What is more, the No.1 G2 has a built-in infrared port, which lets you control your home devices like the TV. You may amaze your friends by changing channels right from your wrist!

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Another great features include the ability to see text messages and choose from a list of preloaded templates to reply. Also, we liked that it can display weather information, which is always useful. Moreover, it has independent music player, which lets you listen to the music directly from the smart watch. Well, it is interesting feature, but we prefer listening to music using the earphones from the smartphone.

In addition, the device has heart a rate sensor, pedometer, which are usual functions in the smart watch. The device helps you track the amount of calories burnt and track your workout information. It counts your steps you take during the day and even gives you some workout programmes. Example could be with walking, where the smart watch define the pace you have. Then you can select the functions like keeping up the pace, slowing down or speeding up.

Another cool feature is that the device works as a remote control for your smartphone’s camera. Also, it works as a reminder if you forget your phone somewhere as it reminds you to get it by beeping. It starts beeping if you are away more than 10 meters from your phone.

We really enjoyed that the device is water and dust resistance. It is not waterproof, meaning you cannot swim with it underwater, but you can easily wash it after a long workout in the beach.

What is more, you can select the watch faces, which are downloadable.

We did like the sound recorder function as it lets you record the voice. It is a neat function if you are in the meeting, lecture or other occasion, where you want to secretly record the sound.

The sedentary meter is one of the motivational functions of the device, which should be useful to form your habits if you work long hours in the office.

The device features the super power saving mode. When the battery is low, it changes the colour scheme to grey scale to save some power.

Another feature includes sleep pattern monitor, where you can watch the length and quality of your sleep. Of course, you need to wear the device during the night to be able to do that.

Lastly, we really liked the feature that the G2 smart watch includes Micro USB charging port, which makes the device more versatile than others. This time you do not need to cary a proprietary charger around to charge it.

Pairing and Setting Up the Device

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As we said, the device uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. In order to make it work you have to download a particular app, which is called Mediatek Smart Device. The company made it easy to install it on your device. Simply just scan the QR code, which is embedded in the smart watch and you will download the app. Then simply install it and you are done.

Screenshot 2014-12-14 23.29.29 Screenshot 2014-12-14 23.30.05

Inside the application you can do many things. One of them is the ability to easily install apps into a smart watch. You can do it by simply clicking the install button on the smartphone and it takes a second to get it flashed on your wrist.

What is more, the app is used to install the watch faces, check the device status and software, and many other things. Finally, it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and easily installed on any device.

Picture Quality

All right, we left this to the end. We know that we would not use the smart watch as our main camera, but anyway, it may come up handy at certain situations. Let’s take a look at some camera samples and see what we have.

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We can say that it has a pretty good camera for a smart watch. Also, it has only 2mpx, so we should also keep that in mind. The pictures above have a decent colour reproduction, quite good white balance and exposure. The pictures taken inside have quite amount of noise, but that is natural if we consider it is not camera centric device.


Well, firstly we liked the design of the device, which includes a great build quality and a great choice of materials. We really loved the fact that it is water and dust resistant. We washed the smart watch a few times to test it and it proved to be working fine. What is more, the sapphire glass is really special. We tried to scratch it with the key, nail and coin and we did not succeed.

It offers a great functionality for a much lower price than the original Samsung Gear smart watch. Our favourite functions included the ability to use the device as a phone and a remote shutter button for camera. Other functions, which are used for active people worked fine as well.

All in all, we think this is a great device and can recommend it.

For more information you can check the NO.1 website.


BUY NO.1 G2 for just $70.98


Buy No.1 G2 for $70.98

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