New leak says OnePlus One ROM will be called as HydrogenOS in China

by Joel 2

OnePlus is all set to announce more details on its recently unveiled OxygenOS later today. However, even before the announcement, a new image was found on Weibo which showed off the company’s OS for the Chinese market. The leak says that the new ROM in the home market will have a different name. The ROM will be called as the OnePlus HydrogenOS.

oneplus hydrogenOS

We don’t know whether this leak is real or not, but it does sound a bit surprising to name its OS something different like HydrogenOS in China. OnePlus has confirmed the name OxygenOS and it was actually recommended by one of the fellow forums fans of the company. So, we doubt that the company would go with a different name.

Anyways, we have added an image that was leaked along with the name.

Do you think OnePlus will have a different name for its ROM like hydrogenOS in China?