Mediatek Helio X10 octa-core SoC supports display refresh rate of 120Hz

by Joel 2

MWC 2015 has already started and we have seen some great announcements at the event like HTC One M9, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. However, before the event started in Barcelona, Spain, Mediatek decided to take things to the next level by announcing its Mediatek Helio X10 high-end chipset at a closed door event.

mediatek helio x10

The Mediatek Helio X10 is the most advanced chipset from the company till date. This 64-bit octa-core Soc (2.2GHz) can support display refresh rates of 120Hz, which is double the rate used by current smartphone chips — 60Hz. At present, there are displays which can support this fast refresh rate, so its good to see that a chip can now facilitate this new tech.

With such super fast refresh rates, the overall user experience is taken to the next level. For example, scrolling through web pages will be a very smooth experience, without any visible motion blur. In fact, in the demo at the event, the videos shown were extremely sharp with zero motion blur, delivering a truly advanced viewing experience.

The new Helio X10 supports slow motion videos at an impressive 480 fps. This is twice the rate used by Apple’s iPhone 6 — 240fps, which means slo-mo videos will be much better using this chip. Further, this octa-core chip can take advantage of the cores in the GPU too during certain tasks, thanks to the company’s Core Pilot technology. Mediatek says that this will enhance the performance of the device to a great extent as well as reduce power consumption.

The company will also unveil a Mediatek Helio P series later in the year, where P stands for performance. However, it has not yet revealed the features or performance stats of this upcoming chipset line.

With this new chip range, Mediatek is looking to compete with current high end chips from rivals such as the Snapdragon 810 and the Exynos 7 series. Unfortunately, we still don’t have real performance details of the chip, so its best to wait and watch how good they are. Company says that the first line of the high-end Helio chip powered phones will be available by the end of the year. However, before that, we expect more information via leaks and other sources.