Xiaomi to cross 80+ million Sales in 2015 – Lei Jun

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Last week Xiaomi’s CEO confirmed that Xiaomi will not enter in the automobile industry with  a electric car. They also said that they will not make any device for home improvement and will neither  enter real estate.

Now, Lei Jun said, in 2015, Xiaomi  plans to sell 80 to 100 million phones. It will make a business of around 100 billions to 200 billion yuan( 16$ billion to 32$ billion).

He said that Xiaomi will concentrate on on 5 main things which are Phones, Tablets, TV panels, Routers and TV boxes. In addition, they will invest in samll hardware base companies, for example, they recently introduced a small Yi camera movement, it is developed by a small Company XiaoYi. Lei Jun pointed out that these products are different from other, there is a special team to do things with research and innovation, in future Xiaomi plans to invest in 100 of these kind of companies.

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Lei also added that their is great future for Smart home, which will be efficient and will be a great success, Xiaomi plans to bring Smart Home devices very soon to China. According to him, Smart Home will help in decreasing Apple’s market share.

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