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Dual Screen YotaPhone 2 soon to launch in China – Passes TENAA

by Nishant 6

YotaPhone 2 is a phone with dual screen. It has a normal display on front and an e-ink display on the back. The phone is made by Yota, a Russian company  and it has been successful in many countries so far. Finally the Yotaphone 2 will be releasing in China, as the phone just passed TENAA.

The Yotaphone 2 is equipped with a Snapdragon 800 processor, with 5 inches 1080p display (back e-ink screen is 4.7 inches), built-in 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space body. It comes with a 2.0 megapixel front camera and a 13MegaPixel rear camera and runs on Android 4.4 system.

Currently we have no idea about its cost but we don’t think Yota will try to compete with the prices of the existing Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi.

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  • Shanos

    Its an interesting concept but I wonder is it not something that could be achieved with most samsung phones that feature oled displays? My current s5 can go in to ultra power saving mode reducing down to a black and white display, would be interesting to see power usage comparisons between the eink and the oled screens.

    • trolleyfan

      Yotaphone’s main screen is AMOLED as well.

      • Shanos

        Makes you wonder even more if they could not have just had a side button that switches the screen in to black and white power saving mode rather than have the two screens.

        • uglytruth

          well eink will still be way more power efficent! There is no way you could get the same results with an amoled display.

          • Shanos

            thats true but having two screens greatly increases the chances of damaging the phone.
            Unless they can come up with a case that protects the back whilst maintaining a thin conductive screen covering it would worry me a lot (I do tend to be heavy handed and drop phones too often lol) perhaps if they had a way of hinging a flip case along one side so you could open front or back independently it could work, but this current design does not appear that this could fit.

          • Gabriel

            the E Ink screen is way more rugged and it’s flexible 🙂
            however, the front screen is still AMOLED which is glass and prone to shattering when dropped lol

            there’s no comparison of power; since as long E Ink screen does not refresh; there’s no zero power consumption.

            on Yotaphone, they are basically using a mirroring technique; but the issue with mirroring is that not all apps looks good on a black and white screen.