How To Install Google Play/Services on Letv Smartphones (Letv One/One Pro/One Max)

by Linus 8

We all know that we have so many great devices that are coming out in China. However, many of them don’t have Google Play/Services pre-installed out of the box. Sometimes, there is an easy way to do it, other time you have to wait for a particular workaround.

Of the devices that need to get Google Play installed manually are Letv Le, Le 1 and Le 1 Max. They are all beautiful devices with some killer specs sheet, but this shortcoming is something users in the West can’t live without. In case you missed Letv Le 1 (One/S1/X600) review, you can check it out here. Also, please stay tuned as I already have the Le 1 Pro in my hands and working on another review.

A lot of you guys have asked me how to install Google Play Services on Letv smartphones, so I decided to make a short tutorial video to help you out. Make sure to watch the entire video as you need to follow all the steps carefully.

Step No. 1 would be that you have to download the Google Installer apk and sideload it on your Letv smartphone.  The link is in the description below this video on Youtube.
Once you’ve done you have to install the Google installer app l as you would install any app.
Once the installation process is done, you have to open up the app and select Google Play app to install. Then you will receive a message saying that you don’t have Google Services framework. Here you have to click ok and select the install icon located on the bottom then select continue and wait till all the apps shown in the list are downloaded. Sometimes it may take a few minutes, just let your device rest for a while.
Once the apps are dowloaded you will be prompted to install them one by one. It is very important to select install option for all the apps except for the Google Play store at this stage. Once you are asked to install Google Play Store, you have to click cancel. 
As soon as the installation Google Play Services, Google Account Manager and Google Services framework is done, you have to close the application and reboot your device.
After you have rebooted your Letv smartphone, you have to launch Google Installer app again and then select Google Play from the list, download it and install it. Once you’ve done that, you have the Google Play Store with all the Google Services up and running on your device.
What you want to do right now is set up you Google account and start downloading the apps you need.
However, you will receive a Google Play Services error message and will be prompted to update it. You have to do that immediately to make sure the apps are running smoothly.
Some other things I recommend doing is to install any third party keyboard like Google Keyboard as the preinstalled one has too many Chinese aspects in it. In addition, I downloaded the Google app to make sure I have the best Google integration possible.