OnePlus Two Will Come With A 3300mAh Battery In A Smaller Body

by Joel 1

OnePlus will announce the OnePlus Two flagship at the end of this month. The company has been teasing various features of the device for the past couple of weeks and hence, we have a fair idea about its specs. Today, we got a little more information about the specs of the device.

oneplus two renders

The OnePlus Two is expected to come with a slightly larger battery, a 3300mAh capacity one instead of just 3100mAh. The OnePlus One had a pretty great battery life, so we hope that with increased capacity, the new flagship too features stellar usage times. The phone is confirmed to come with the Snapdragon 810 v2.1 chipset along with LPDDR4 RAM.

Also, there will be a USB Type-C port on board, but we are still not sure whether it will be USB 3.0 like the the ZUK Z1. At the back, expect a 16MP OIS camera, a slight upgrade than the previous generation along with a fingerprint sensor just below the unit. OnePlus claims that the fingerprint recognition will be faster than Apple’s Touch ID. As for the display, expect a 5.5-inch screen with 2K resolution.

Apparently, OnePlus Two Is Under This OnePlus One
Apparently, OnePlus Two Is Under This OnePlus One

We also know that the phone will most likely come with an all metal built and it will be priced under $450. It will be smaller than the current generation ‘One’ despite the increased battery capacity. There are also rumors about a standard version, which should be much cheaper. This version should come with slightly lower specs like 3GB RAM and 1080p display.

We hope to get more information soon, so stay tuned!