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Elephone P8000 vs OnePlus 2

by shanos 4

Today sees another video from Elephone, this time comparing the P8000 with the soon to be released OnePlus 2.

Both phones are very fluid, its hard to say looking at the videos  and without playing with the camera settings, but there appears to be a marked difference in colour reproduction.

Thankfully, I will be able to test the camera further in my upcoming review of the P8000 as mine arrived this morning, but so far and this is only based on a couple of hours playing with the phone, it appears to be well put together and the rom is really smooth.

Please leave any comments or questions below.

Regards Shanos

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  • wolvie

    Problem with china handphones, their durability are quite low (AKA Easy to get faulty).
    And their camera usually damn lousy.

    Only certain reputable big brand like OnePLus, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi ,etc have their QC checked so normally can last longer.

    So this elephone maybe cannot compare to OnePLus in term of durability.

  • Daniel Eluvathingal

    It still doesnt look good as oneplus 2

  • ljan ryan

    P8000‘s CPU MT6753 1.3GHz,This is a very low end chip.

    Also from China,ulefone Be Touch’ 2 is better cell phone. CPU MT6752 1.7GHz,3GB RAM Front fingerprint.

  • Anes Fansub

    bueno es que el modelo el p8000 tiene una gran bateria a mi me encanta el elephone