Qiku Prime Hands On: A Beautiful Bezelless Beast!

by Joel 0

Qiku managed to impress us all with its new QiKu Prime, Flagship and Youth Editions. The Prime in particular is the highlight of the lot featuring a beautiful aluminum and magnesium alloy body and a near bezelless design. The company claims that with its mere 1.4mm frame, the screen covers 83% of the front, making it the first smartphone to do so.


Well, we can see that in the pictures and videos below which makes the device look extremely good. The overall design seems to be inspired from the LeTV series models but that’s actually not a bad thing given that we loved LeTV Pro’s design. The front looks beautiful and the back is also quite unique thanks to the dual 13MP cameras at the back. We hear that the camera unit can take very good pictures, but lets wait for some real life images before making any conclusions.

Anyways, check out the Qiku Prime hands on pictures from down below and tell us what you think. Also, in case you missed our launch article, you can check that out from here.

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