OnePlus 2 Review – Is It REALLY a Flagship Killer? (VIDEO)

by Linus 0

There has been a lot of hype about the OnePlus smartphones in a past year or so and the first iteration of the OnePlus was successful despite  lots of questionable marketing decisions and annoying invite system.
Right now OnePlus says it is much more prepared and the company has very ambitious plans in the smartphone business. But is the second generation OnePlus really a 2016 flagship killer? Let’s find out.

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OnePlus 2 Review: VIDEO

OnePlus 2 Review: CONCLUSIONS

So there you have it, the OnePlus 2, the most hyped Chinese smartphone of the year.
We can see a significant improvement in the build quality over its predecessor simply because of the choice of materials and overall the device looks and feels like a premium phone.
Also, the phone brings some welcome additions like a fingerprint scanner, mute switch, OIS, laser auto-focus and so on.
While the OnePlus 2 has a top-notch processor and some other bleeding-edge specs, and it handles the most graphically intensive tasks without a sweat, the day to day usage suggests that UI needs some more polishing.
The device has a great camera for daylight images but it still needs some software optimisations for a faster shutter speed, low-light images and video recording.
So is the OnePlus 2 a 2016 flagship killer? If you don’t care about the price of the device, which starts at just $329, then no. If you consider the overall package and the price ratio, OnePlus 2 can be a tough competitor for each and every big player in the smartphone game. However, it may become so only when quiet a few software related issues are fixed. Knowing the level of dedication OnePlus has and the story of its predecessor, it sounds very realistic.

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