Ovevo Z1 Bluetooth Speaker Review: A Tiny Speaker That Does A Bit More

by Linus 0

 Ovevo Z1 Bluetooth Speaker Review: VIDEO

Ovevo Z1 Bluetooth Speaker Review: UNBOXING

The speaker comes in a plain box and the contents include the documentation, AUX and Micro USB cables, and the QR code card to quickly download the proprietary app.

Ovevo Z1 Bluetooth Speaker Review: DESIGN

When it comes to design, this is a one very tiny speaker that is very compact. Despite its small footprint, it has a lamp with a full range RGB LED light but I will get back to it a bit later.
The lampshade part is made of some kind of frosted plastic and it feels nice. The top part sports a stainless steel touch control pad.
IMG_2930 IMG_2932
The bottom part is made of quality matt plastic and one side there is a mic for handsfree calling and on the other there is a micro USB port along with the AUX input for non-bluetooth devices.
The bottom part is where you can find most of the controls, which include play/pause, skip tracks and volume up/down buttons. Also, there is a Bluetooth LED light and the whole bottom part has a nice rubber material, so the speaker stays firmly on the surface you put it on.
Overall, the built quality is really good.

Ovevo Z1 Bluetooth Speaker Review: FEATURES


The Ovevo Z1 Bluetooth speaker can be controlled using the controls on the bottom of the device or using the touch pad on top of the speaker. However, if you want to take a full manual control, I suggest you downloading the app, which unleashes a lot of extra features.
First of all, you can control the brightness setting, turn on/off the light and once you enter the colour light mode you can choose from tons of different colours. Also, you can choose from other effects like flashing, pulsing, candle and rainbow.
Other features include the music player and the speaker will flash to the rhythm of the music you play. Also, you can use different timers to turn on and off the light or music automatically, or use the Ovevo Z1 speaker as an alarm clock.

Ovevo Z1 Bluetooth Speaker Review: SOUND QUALITY

Allright, as far as the sound quality, it is really good for the size of the speaker. It may not replace a party boombox but you will be surprised how loud it can play. Also, it produces a really good amount of bass. I even suggest you reducing the bass on your phone’s equaliser setting as the speaker starts moving on the table that it may sound that it makes some crackling noises at the but it’s not true. It is just a one powerful tiny speaker. Well, I heard some cracking noises when playing certain songs but it was at the highest volume setting and bass along with the treble pumped up.

Ovevo Z1 Bluetooth Speaker Review: CONCLUSIONS

The Ovevo Z1 Bluetooth speaker is a one tiny yet powerful speaker that sounds great for its size and it has a full range RGB LED that can be controlled either using the touchpad on the speaker or via the app. However, the touchpad functionality was a little of a disappointment. You can’t actually understand how it works. For instance, it changes the colours once you tap it but sometimes the light just turns off automatically or changes the colour immediately. A positive thing is that controlling the lamp via the app doesn’t have these issues.
I could get around 4.5-5 hours of playback time, which is not really impressive but I guess it’s okay considering how tiny the speaker is. However, the playback time reduces to around 3 hours if you keep the light on all the time.
The device costs $25 and I believe it is reasonable considering the whole package you are getting. If you want a compact yet good sounding speaker with a customisable LED light and some more features like different light modes, alarm clock and so on, the Ovevo Z1 may be for you. If you need something that it is more powerful but does not have the extra features, there are also some other good options (e.g. Xiaomi Aluminum Bluetooth speaker) in this price range out there.